There is no true alcohol allergy cure. Cure meaning something you take once and you no longer experience any symptoms of allergy to alcohol every again. There is a very effective alcohol allergy treatment called the No Red Face Formula. The No Red Face Formula must be taken every time before you are to enjoy alcoholic beverages.

Reality is that creating an alcohol allergy cure would actually be fairly simple for the medical community. The main problem is the medical community places little to no priority on creating a drug or cure whose sole purpose is to allow someone to better tolerate an intoxicant or recreational drug which is what alcohol is.

In all likelihood it will probably be a very long time if ever that a true alcohol allergy cure is every created for the above stated reason. Most Asian and non Asian sufferers of alcohol allergy rely on the No Red Face Formula as a way of preventing the allergic reaction to alcohol. The No Red Face Formula can be downloaded directly and immediately from the No Red Face Formula web site.

It is possible to enjoy alcohol based beverages and drinks without the symptoms of alcohol allergy using the appropriate and proven alcohol allergy treatment.

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