When you drink alcoholic beverages do you get a headache shortly after? Do you get this alcohol allergy headache every single time you drink or is it more sporadic?

A headache is one of the more common symptoms of alcohol allergy. In fact some alcohol allergy sufferers describe the associated headache as being so intense they describe it as or call it a migraine headache.

Alcohol allergy headaches can obviously completely ruin any enjoyment you have associated with alcohol and make you not want to drink at all because it is much more pain than pleasure.

As far as a short term solution for your alcohol allergy headache you could take a basic pain reliever such as Aleve which will deaden the pain significantly depending upon how bad your headache is after consuming alcohol.

This is NOT a recommended long term solution! Why?

The cause of your headache is a higher than normal build up of a toxin called Acetaldehyde. If you read the cause of Alcohol Allergy the reason this builds up is because of a genetic condition which inhibits your liver from producing enough of an active enzyme, referred to as an Asian Flush enzyme, which would break down the Acetaldehyde. Although a pain reliever will deaden the pain it does nothing about removing or breaking down the Acetaldehyde and the Acetaldehyde has been shown to be a carcinogen. ( see esophageal cancer and alcohol )

So what is a better long term solution to headache pain associated with the consumption of alcohol?

Use the proven alcohol allergy treatment known as the No Red Face Formula. This will remove most all of the symptoms of allergy to alcohol by removing the Acetaldehyde. Not just your headache but any other alcohol allergy symptoms such as red face, racing pulse, nausea, etc.

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