Although not the most common symptoms of alcohol allergy, alcohol allergy hives is one of the more common symptoms. Usually people who experience the alcohol allergy hives symptom also experience the classic alcohol red face symptom - a facial blushing appearance which gives alcohol allergy its nickname of Asian Glow or Asian blush.

The hives associated with alcohol allergy looks similar to poison ivy. An area of the skin is reddened and sometimes accompanied by bumps at the site of the redness. Quite often alcohol allergy itchy skin will accompany the alcohol allergy hives as well.

Below is an image displaying the appearance of alcohol allergy hives on several Asians and non Asians experiencing the allergic reaction to alcohol consumption.

It is possible to enjoy alcohol based beverages and drinks without the symptoms of alcohol allergy using the appropriate and proven alcohol allergy treatment.

victims of alcohol allergy experiencing alcohol allergy hives.

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