One of the most common symptoms of alcohol allergy is alcohol allergy hives which is characterized by red bumpy rashes on the chest, back, shoulders, arms and legs. Quite often a sensory irritation of the skin occurs at the site of alcohol allergy hives in the form of alcohol allergy itchy skin or a tingling sensation of the red rash areas.

For some alcohol allergy sufferers this is one of the most bothersome symptoms of Asian Flush because it is a symptom that is visible to others. As you can see with the alcohol allergy rash pictures these symptoms of alcohol allergy can be seen by others and is embarrassing to the sufferer. It can make social enjoyment of alcohol beverages difficult.

For short term soothing of the itchy skin you can apply an anti itch cream containing maximum strength Hydrocortisone to the alcohol allergy itchy skin areas.

It is possible to enjoy alcohol based beverages and drinks without the symptoms of alcohol allergy at all using the appropriate and proven alcohol allergy treatment.

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