If you wanted scientific proof of your alcohol allergy you can get alcohol allergy testing performed on yourself. Part of an alcohol allergy test would be tests to determine if your allergic reaction is to one of the possible ingredients in alcoholic beverages and not the alcohol itself.

A site called DecodeMe can test your genetic risk for alcohol allergy. You can also ask your doctor about having a DecodeMe test done for alcohol allergy. The way the DecodeMe scan works is...

  1. Choose your scan. In your case you would choose the alcohol allergy scan.
  2. Using the DecdeMe DNA collector you would collect your own DNA sample from the inside of your cheek.
  3. Send the DNA collection to a DecodeMe center to DNA test for alcohol allergy.
  4. View your results. See how your DNA affects your health and what it reveals about your ancestry.

A much less expensive option is to follow the suggestions in the signs of alcohol allergy section of this web site where you try several different alcoholic beverages. For example drink beer one night. Wine another night. Vodka another night. If no matter which alcoholic beverage you drink it produces the symptoms of allergy to alcohol then you know you have a true alcohol allergy and it is not just one of the other ingredients of the beverage causing the allergic reaction. This method is a far less expensive option as an alternative to alcohol allergy testing.

It is possible to enjoy alcohol based beverages and drinks without the symptoms of alcohol allergy using the appropriate and proven alcohol allergy treatment.

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