The liver of a person with alcohol intolerance has a direct bearing on their alcohol intolerance condition.

animation showing relationship between liver and alcohol intolerance.

One of the most important jobs of the liver is to filter impurities and toxins from the body sort of like an oil filter for your body. The liver secrets enzymes critical in the breakdown of alcohol.

One of these enzymes is Aldehyde Dehydrogenase. Persons with alcohol intolerance either don't secret enough of these enzymes or these Asian Flush enzymes secreted by the liver are largely inactive. If these critical enzymes are not present in quantities and/or qualities necessary the end result is higher than acceptable alcohol related toxins in the body of the alcohol consumer.

It is these toxins that produce all of the symptoms of allergy to alcohol as well as the elevated Asian Glow cancer risks.

Fortunately alcohol intolerance is treatable using an Asian Flush treatment of some sort. An Asian Flush treatment will assist the liver in the production of these enzymes. Higher levels of these enzymes will successfully neutralize the toxins. Less toxins means no more Asian Flush symptoms and Asian Flush esophageal cancer risks minimized.

Alcohol intolerance in no way is an indication the health of the drinkers liver has been compromised as Asian Flush is normally a genetic defect. The only exception to this are persons who experience sudden alcohol intolerance.

Sudden alcohol intolerance does most likely mean the livers health has been compromised either through chronic alcohol abuse or perhaps illness or virus of some sort.

If you have always suffered allergic reactions to alcohol then your condition is genetic and not sudden alcohol intolerance.