The allergic reaction of vomiting is one of the most intense reactions to alcohol allergy.

Although there are many different symptoms of allergy to alcohol if alcohol intolerance vomiting is one of your alcohol intolerance symptoms you are having a very strong reaction. With most symptoms of alcohol intolerance it is recommended you use a Asian Flush treatment so you can drink alcohol symptom free but with such an extreme reaction to alcohol you might want to consider quitting drinking altogether.

The reason you are experiencing this symptom is because your liver is not producing enough of an enzyme critical to the breaking down of alcohol. This does not mean your liver is damaged or unhealthy unless you have sudden alcohol allergy.

Usually people with alcohol intolerance have less dramatic symptoms like facial flushing, rapid pulse, congestion, etc.

You could try using a sea sickness treatment over the counter that will help prevent the vomiting reflex however this does nothing to deal with the direct and actual cause of alcohol intolerance vomiting which is lack of the alcohol catabolism enzyme.

Most of the time this condition called Asian Flush is genetic. It can easily be dealt with and prevented using an alcohol allergy treatment. By doing so you will be able to consume alcohol and avoid any of the alcohol allergy symptoms including alcohol intolerance vomiting.