An allergic reaction to alcohol of rash on chest is one of the more common allergic reactions to alcohol.

Alcohol rash on chest is a very common alcohol allergy reaction to alcohol. This symptom of allergy to alcohol is characterized by a red patch or many smaller red patches on the chest. Quite often these red patches are accompanied by bumps. This is referred to as alcohol allergy hives.

Usually people who get alcohol rash on chest also experience the Asian Flush red face or alcohol allergy hives on other parts of the body as well. This alcohol rash on chest may also have a sensation of itchiness or a tingling feeling.

The two most common alcohol allergy symptoms are red face and red patches on the body include these red patches on chest.

If the alcohol rash on chest itches you can apply a maximum strength anti itch cream from your local drug store. If you find a sensation of heat or tingling from the red rash on chest you can apply ice to the area.

These two suggestions for dealing with your Asian Flush chest rash are really lame suggestions because a much more effective and all encompassing solution for your alcohol rash on chest as well as ALL other Asian Flush alcohol allergy symptoms is the only known treatment for alcohol allergy.

Here are several pictures of people with alcohol Asian Flush rash on their chest.

alcohol rash on upper chest

bad Asian Flush rash on entire upper chest

alcohol rash on chest and stomach

very severe alcohol allergy rash on entire upper body