An allergic reaction to alcohol of rash on the face is THE #1 most common Asian Flush Symptom.

There are a variety of symptoms of allergy to alcohol. Many of them are sensory based only meaning they make you feel horrible but are not visible to others. Alcohol rash on face is different in that this is a symptom visible to others and is often the source of embarrassment for the alcohol allergy sufferer.

What Alcohol Rash on Face looks like

The alcohol rash on face is usually characterized by a redness across much of the face. The visual appearance is similar to sunburn. Sometime just the cheeks and forehead turns a slight pinkish hue. In some people the entire face and neck turns a bright glaring red color. In more rare instances there can be bumps as well. The appearance of bad acne. Sometimes the alcohol face rash is accompanied by swelling. At the bottom of the patch are several pictures of people who have consumed alcohol and are experiencing the red rash on face.

How to Treat or Prevent Asian Flushing on Face

The only way you should treat and prevent any Asian Flush symptoms including Asian Flush face rash is through a method of treatment that deals with the root cause of alcohol allergy. Although the red face and other symptoms of alcohol allergy can be embarrassing and uncomfortable a more important aspect of alcohol allergy you should be concerned with is the increased cancer risks associate with Asian Flush.

An alcohol allergy treatment that deals with the root cause of alcohol allergy and its symptoms will not only stop the symptoms, including the red alcohol rash on face, but also removed the heightened risk of cancers associated with Asian Flush as well.


more severe red face rash with bumps.
more severe red face rash with bumps
mild Asian flush reaction with mild face redness.
mild Asian flush reaction with mild face redness
very intense face rash from alcohol.
very intense face rash from alcohol
alcohol face redness and swelling.
alcohol face redness and swelling