Asian Flush is a condition whereby the Asian Flush sufferer experiences facial flushing and many other symptoms when consuming alcohol.

Asian Flush is known by many other names include Asian Blush and Asian Glow. The name of the condition is based upon the most common symptom of Asian Flush which is a red flushing or blushing of the Asian Flush sufferers face and other parts of the body.

Asian Flush is an allergic reaction to alcohol that is caused by an abnormal buildup of Acetaldehyde which is a byproduct of the metabolism of alcohol.

Although Asian Flush is viewed as an inconvenience by those who suffer from it the unpleasant effects associated with Asian Flush account for much lower rates of alcoholism in those who suffer from Asian Flush. People who suffer from Asian Flush untreated also have a higher risk for Asian Flush related esophageal cancer because the Acetaldehyde is carcinogenic.

Cause of Asian Flush

Normally Acetaldehyde is broken down and neutralized by an enzyme created by the liver, ALDH-2, which is short for Aldehyde Dehydrogenase. In people with Asian Flush their body does not produce enough active ALDH-2 when consuming alcohol. The net result is higher than normal levels of the Acetaldehyde in the Asian Flush sufferers body. This is what produces all of the Asian Flush symptoms. Acetaldehyde buildup also has a lot to do with hangovers experienced by non Asian Flush sufferers when they drink too much alcohol to fast.

Genetics and Asian Flush

The natural inability to produce enough active ALDH-2 enzyme is usually genetically based. The Asian Flush sufferer can assist the body in producing more ALDH-2 through effective alcohol allergy treatment.

In more rare cases Asian Flush is caused because of chronic long term alcohol abuse causing damage to the liver compromising the livers ability to function including the ability to produce adequate quantities of an active Asian Flush enzyme ( ALDH-2 ).