Asian Flush is a condition that CAN be partially treated with Pepcid Pepcid AC BUT there is one life threatening issue with using Pepcid for Asian Flush.

Pepcid has been used by many Asian Flush sufferers whose symptom of allergy to alcohol is limited to the red flushed face. The H2 blockers in Pepcid AC will successfully reduce and even eliminate the red face that often occurs with Asian Flush.

A Word of Asian Flush Pepcid Caution

It is not recommended you use Pepcid or Zantac for Asian Flush because the underlying cause of alcohol allergy is not addressed in any way with Pepcid AC.

The underlying cause of Asian Flush is an abnormal build up of Acetaldehyde. Acetaldehyde is not only responsible for the short term effects of Asian Flush, the symptoms of alcohol allergy ( red face, racing pulse, hives, itching, etc ), but is also responsible for the highly elevated risks for Asian Flush related cancer.

In other words the Pepcid will reduce your facial redness but it will not address many of the other symptoms and does nothing to reduce your elevated cancer risk.

What is a Better Alternative to Treating Asian Flush Red Face than Pepcid

If you are a rare drinker of alcohol then the issue of cancer related to alcohol allergy is not so critical. Definition of rare drinker is drinking no more than once per month.

If you drink more than once per month then you want to use an approved method of treating alcohol allergy that addresses the root cause. This way you not only reduce or eliminate ALL your Asian Flush symptom but you squelch the long term risks as well.

If your only symptoms of Asian Flush is the red face and you drink rarely then you can probably get away with treating your Asian Flush with Pepcid with minimal long term consequence. Just remember - every single time you experience Asian Flush symptoms you have just increased your risk for esophageal cancer.