Asian Flush prevention is a simple matter of assisting the Asian Flush sufferers body with simple and easy to obtain Aldehyde Dehydrogenase enhancers.

There is a lot of stuff ( rumors ) online about what effective Asian Flush prevention is such as Asian Flush pepcid and Asian Flush Zantac. The only advice and information found online that makes sense and really works as far as Asian Flush prevention can be found at the No Red Face Formula web site at

Effective Asian Flush prevention basically amounts to assisting the body in its production of ALDH-2 which is the enzyme which neutralizes harmful by products created when alcohol is ingested and digested. These harmful by products are effectively removed by people not suffering from Asian Flush alcohol allergy.

These harmful by products create all of the symptoms of allergy to alcohol as well as the Asian Flush cancer risks. Remove them and you can drink alcohol without any of the red face, nausea, headache, rapid pulse, etc. Lets face it - alcohol is not good for you either way you cut it but if you have Asian Glow and do nothing about it or falsely attempt to treat your Asian Flush with Pepcid or Zantac then for you alcohol is REALLY bad.

Take a look at the No Red Face Formula and see what it can do for you as far as Asian Flush symptoms and cancer risk prevention. The No Red Face Formula is actually a recipe inside a pdf document. The recipe is made of ingredients you get at any health food store in town. Make and take the ingredients before you go out drinking. It really works. As of right now it is the only real Asian Flush prevention method there is although we have gotten word the medical community is finally beginning to work on a real medicine that will solve the Asian Flush prevention dilemma. I bet this Alcohol allergy medicine, when it comes out, is going to cost an arm and two legs.