Can you PROPERLY treat or prevent Asian Glow with Zantac H2 blocker? Yes and here is exactly how to PARTIALLY prevent Asian Glow symptoms when drinking alcohol.

The ingredient in Zantac that allows you to partially treat or prevent Asian Flush is an H2 blocker. The main Asian Flush symptom preventative Zantac can help with is facial redness. Taking several Zantac before drinking and during drinking can reduce and sometimes eliminate facial redness which is one of the main symptoms of alcohol allergy.

The Problem with Zantac for Treating Asian Glow

The main problem with using Zantac or Pepcid for Asian Glow is it is like laying a fresh coat of paint on a house that is falling apart. It treats a symptoms externally but does absolutely nothing for dealing with the cause of alcohol allergy which is a build up of alcohol metabolizing toxins.

"So what?" you might say.

The so what is these toxins are very deadly to your body and greatly increase your risk for cancer!  ( See Asian Flush esophageal cancer )

So if you repeatedly take Zantac for your Asian Glow because it is embarrassing to turn bright red when your out drinking - great - you won't turn red and get embarrassed - you will just die of cancer!

A much better way to treat Asian Glow than using Zantac

A much better and more effective way to treat Asian Glow is to use a proven alcohol allergy treatment. Not only will you stop the Asian Glow red face symptom but you will stop all of the symptoms associated with alcohol allergy AND save your life at the same time. Something Zantac just can't do ( Zantac is barely an effect heartburn preventative )