The exact cause of alcohol allergy is quite complex. The simplified explanation is your body does not produce enough of an enzyme to properly metabolize and digest the alcohol you consume. Here are the basic steps involved in the metabolism of alcohol and how they relate to the cause of alcohol allergy:

The end result for the alcohol allergy sufferer is higher than normal levels of Acetaldehyde in the body. It is the elevated levels of Acetaldehyde which results in all the symptoms of allergy to alcohol.

Persons who do not have an alcohol allergy experience the effects of elevated Acetaldehyde if they drink too much alcohol too fast. The body only has the ability to metabolize so much alcohol and once that level is exceeded Acetaldehyde levels rise even in people who do not have an alcohol allergy. A hangover, although fairly complex in its make up, is basically the result of elevated levels of Acetaldehyde. This is why one of the symptoms of allergy to alcohol if a greater than normal hangover.

It is possible to enjoy alcohol based beverages and drinks without the symptoms of alcohol allergy using the appropriate and proven alcohol allergy treatment.

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