Alcohol allergy is a subject a lot is known about but there is very little that can be done to cure alcohol allergy. In fact there is no alcohol allergy cure BUT there is an alcohol allergy treatment. The difference between a cure and treatment is cure implies taking or doing something to never experience symptoms of allergy to alcohol while treatment means the No Red Face Formula must be taken every time before you are going to drink.

The good news is how to "cure" alcohol allergy is the previously mentioned No Red Face Formula. What is the No Red Face Formula alcohol allergy cure?

The No Red Face Formula is a recipe contained inside a 37 page instantly downloadable pdf document. This recipe is a specific blend of ingredients in exact proportions. These ingredients are all natural and healthy. The ingredients making up No Red Face Formula are purchased inexpensively from any health food store.

Follow the No Red Face Formula instructions exactly to the letter and you will be able to enjoy alcohol with no alcohol allergy.

As a side benefit many of the 10,000+ No Red Face Formula users report the added benefit of reduced and sometimes completely eliminated hangover. The reason this is possible if because the main cause of a hangover, aside from dehydration, is elevated levels of a toxic by product of alcohol metabolism called Acetaldehyde. ( read biology of hangover or cause of alcohol allergy )

Everyone who drinks experiences elevated levels of Acetaldehyde. With people who do not suffer from alcohol allergy their body produces an enzyme which neutralizes the Acetaldehyde. However even with people who do not suffer from Asian Flush alcohol allergy if they consume too much alcohol too fast their body can't keep up with neutralizing the Acetaldehyde buildup. The end result is hangover. The No Red Face Formula assists the body in the production of this alcohol allergy enzyme so not only do you not experience the classic symptoms of allergy to alcohol but say bye bye ( to some extent ) to the hangover formally associated with consuming alcohol.

It is possible to enjoy alcohol based beverages and drinks without the symptoms of alcohol allergy using the appropriate and proven alcohol allergy treatment.

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