What red face when drinking alcohol means and, more important, how to STOP your red face when drinking alcohol.

Do you get a red face when drinking alcohol?

Your not alone. There is a name for the condition. Appropriately enough named Asian Flush, Asian Blush and Asian Glow.

How common is red face when drinking?

A full 50% of Asians have this to look forward to almost every time they drink something with alcohol in it and about 4% to 5% of non Asians.

The reason your face turns red when you drink alcohol is when you consume alcohol your body immediately goes to work to break the alcohol down. A byproduct of this breakdown of alcohol is called Acetaldehyde. Acetaldehyde is actually extremely toxic and causes cancer!

This Acetaldehyde is not a problem for most alcohol consumers because the next part of the alcohol catabolism involves the liver secreting what is referred to as the Asian Flush enzyme or more accurately Aldehyde Dehydrogenase or ALDH-2 for short.

The ALDH-2's job is to get rid of and break down the Acetaldehyde ( pronounced assy-talda-hide ).

People with Asian Flush who get red faced when drinking alcohol do not produce enough of this enzyme. This leaves a higher than normal amount of the toxic Acetaldehyde floating around the body to do all sorts of crazy things like make your face red, increase your Asian Flush cancer risk, and a whole host of other alcohol allergy symptoms!

How to STOP Getting Red Face when Drinking Alcohol

There are a whole lot of myths on the internet about how to cure or prevent Asian Flush and most of them are garbage including using Pepcid for Asian Flush. Pepcid will reduce facial redness to some extent but do absolutley nothing about the Acetaldehyde in your body.

If you want to stop getting red faced when you drinking, end any other alcohol allergy symptoms you may have AND not have to worry about the cancer risk associated with Asian Flush then you want to have a look at the No Red Face Formula at