What red face when drinking wine means and, more important, how to STOP your red face when drinking wine.

Getting red faced when drinking wine could mean a few things.

  1. You have an alcohol allergy.
  2. You have an allergy to some other ingredient in the wine.

How you deal with and prevent your allergic reaction of red face when drinking wine will depend which of the above two categories you are in.

The best way to find this out is to conduct an experiment to find out if you are allergic to the alcohol or another ingredient in the wine. Remember wine is a more complicated alcoholic beverage than most. Wines can be a complex blend of many ingredients and preservatives. With wine you may be allergic to the alcohol or...

How to find out if you are allergic to the alcohol in wine or something else.

  1. Try drinking something other than wine and see what happens!

Not a very complicated experiment. Over the course of the next several days or nights try many different alcoholic beverages and note your reaction. Does beer make you red faced? How about vodka?

If it is only the wine that gets you red faced or any other related symptoms of allergy to alcohol then its a good bet your allergic reaction is not to the alcohol itself. If you get red faced after consumer other alcohol beverages as well as wine then you have an alcohol allergy that goes by the names of Asian Glow, Asian Flush and Asian Blush. Here is a good read on what Asian Flush is and an effective alcohol allergy treatment.