Signs of alcohol allergy are obvious and transparent. What can make diagnosing alcohol allergy AS alcohol allergy is the symptoms of alcohol allergy can be inconsistent. The signs of alcohol allergy are you experiencing any number of the symptoms of allergy to alcohol after drinking alcohol. These symptoms occur every time consuming alcohol in some people and in others only once in a great while.

How quickly symptoms begin varies as well. Some people with alcohol allergy begin showing symptoms almost immediately consuming just one drink or less. Others don't display the signs of alcohol allergy until after getting drunk and consuming larger amounts of alcohol.

If you experience any of these symptoms of alcohol allergy after drinking alcohol then you most likely have alcohol allergy aka Asian Flush or Asian Glow. You may experience the signs of alcohol allergy but indeed actually be allergic to another ingredient contained within the alcoholic beverage.

You could either participate in alcohol allergy testing or try several different types of alcoholic beverages instead. For example try spirits like vodka one time and see if you get the allergic response. Then try wine. Then try beer. If you only get symptoms of alcohol allergy after drinking wine and not beer or vodka then you have an allergy to an ingredient specific to wine and not an alcohol allergy since beer, wine, and vodka ALL have alcohol in them.

There is a alcohol allergy treatment which has proven to be effective and significantly reducing and even completely eliminate all alcohol allergy symptoms including the red face, alcohol allergy hives, alcohol allergy itchy skin, as well as significantly reducing and even eliminating the alcohol hangover next day.

It is possible to enjoy alcohol based beverages and drinks without the symptoms of alcohol allergy using the appropriate and proven alcohol allergy treatment.

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